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for google as its stock price set a new record. google shares were only $85 each when the ipo was issued in 2004. today google share prices closed above $800 an all-time high. mark sayre with more on the explosive growth and what it means for the bay area. >> reporter: elizabeth, according to the "wall street journal," google is only the fourth company ever to have this $800 stock price but despite that eye-popping number analysts say it's the ongoing work that the company is doing that's more important than the actual number. at the google plex at mountain mountain view, they are making big inroads in mobile computing. >> there are many one of these but there's only one google. >> reporter: he follows the tech industry for global equities research and says google has few peers when it comes to innovation. >> google has been doing phenomenally well when it comes to innovation. they are thinking big and bold. and they are thinking broad. those are the key recipes for success. >> reporter: they are dominant in digital ad revenue making mon in i with ad
of silicone valley's dirty little secrets is coming back to thaunt haunt the giant google. toxic say portion have been found there. >>reporter: we're sitting across for from a site where decades ago, toxic chemicals were put into the grown. >>reporter: they are known as google builds qd6 and 7. problem began when construction allowed air to seep up from undergrounds. >> there has to be repairs to the foundation and that's how vapors may have been created to potentially migrate into the building. >>reporter: it turns the out the building sits on what used to be a semiconductor. the companies used a chemical to make chips. they dumped solvent into the ground. the normal range is 5 micrograms for cubic meter. the google building thating had help to 8. the employees were exposed for several months. >> it's good that once we found the results that prompt action was taken. >>reporter: we saw employees coming and going from the buildings, one of which is used as a customer briefing center. one worker told us he was fine with being at the site because google posts the testing data online. from neigh
at google's internet connected eyeglasses. >>> and in sports out of this world. no boos, please. a zoo creature is becoming a basketball star. zoo creature is becoming a basketball star. wow, i've been claritin clear for 10 days! when your allergies start, doctors recommend taking one non-drowsy claritin every day during your allergy season for continuous relief. 18 days! 12 days! 24 days of continuous relief. live claritin clear. every day. whatever it takes, get to sears presidents day sale mattress close out. get 24 month special financing. and save up to 60%, plus get an extra 10% off. and free delivery. this is eye opening. this is sears. >>> here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york mostly sunny, chilly 34. miami, 82. chicago, partly cloudy 31. dallas can expect morning showers. and los angeles, partly sunny with a high of 62. >>> well disgrassed cyclist lance armstrong has decided not to participate in a tell-all interview with the u.s. anti-doping agency. edward lawrence reports that probably means the end of armstrong's career
is under arrest once again. >> we told you last night about a problem seeping into google. tonight how toxic trouble is spreading to a crowded bay area neighborhood. >> got some clouds rolling into the bay area right now. we have gone from mainly sunny to mainly cloudy over the past two hours. is this indicative of a weather change to think about toward the weekend? we'll look all the way into march in my extended forecast coming up. >>> the san jose woman who lied about finding a finger in a bowl of wendy's chili is in hot water again. mark sayre says this time she is accused of cooking up a story to protect her son. mark. >> reporter: allen, this is a serious case. anna ayala facing a felony charge in this latest case and that infamous chili finger situation is already playing a role in how this case is being handled. 47 yearly anna ayala shielded her face from the cameras her son 26-year-old guadalupe junior reyes appeared in court on crutches. she is known around the nation after making up a story in 2005 about finding a severed finger in a bow
a reward. made them feel good. >> good for them. thank you for that. >>> facebook and google teaming up now to help you live longer. >> giving millions of kls to scientists to -- dollars to scientists who are working on diseases. >> i think our society needs more heroes, scientists, researchers, engineers. you are doing the amazing work. the thing we could do is build institutions that celebrate and reward and recognize all of the real work you are doing. >> other responsers include google and apple. they raised $30 million for what it is calling the break through prize. >>> coming up a four-year-old saves her sister from a car wreck and that is not even the most incredible part of the story. >> what would you do if a gunman came to your work or school and started shooting? >> why an oscar nominee was detained? >> and the city where there are so many wild turkeys parents are afraid to let their kids outside. >> weather was wild yesterday but much calmer today, how long do we stay dry and which weekend day will year-old sister from a car crash that
-watch could present a revolution in wearable tech, but we've also seen google into this field too. >> right. the google glasses. still seems very weird to me, but people are actually wearing these things? >> possibly. well, actually, they are. so diane vaughn thirstenberg for her show in new york fashion week this year created a film of about four minutes shot entirely with google glasses. so here you see her in the film that is entirely from her perspective, and what the google glasses are, it's is not just an extension of your phone, it's an extension of yourself. so they've got a camera built in. there's actually -- when you wear the glasses, you see images and video overlaid into what's in front of you. >> what a weird perspective of the world. it almost seems creepy. >> it's creepy, it's extremely advanced and futuristic, and the biggest question about many of google's products is the world ready for a device like this? or do we need to go you know, tip toe into the category with something like an apple i- watch? >> i don't think i want
be one of the first to own google glass. >> kpix 5 is the official television station for the bay bridge opening ceremony. we are counting down the days until the new eastern span opens in september. we will keep you posted on big plans for the big day. the fourth quarter last year. the company says sales came in >>> silicon valley-based electric carmaker tesla motors reported today it lost $90 million in the 4th quarter last year. the company says sales came in slightly ahead of expectations. but not enough to keep the stock from sinking more than 6% in after-hours trading. tesla insists that those losses are now in the rear view mirror. the company expects to generate a slight profit for the current quarter with production improving and capital expenditures decreasing. >>> the latest accessory in smart tech following could be yours if you're lucky and willing to pay up. google is going to sell its brand-new internet glasses to contest winners. the product is called google glass. the company says it works like a smartphone but the eyewear resp
in the midwest. >> silicon valley dirty past unearthed. the toxic fumes seeping into google. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ ♪ causing big problems for drivers. news cameras caught this mishap... a transit bus fishtailed and crashed into a pole in kansas city, missouri. >>> a snowstorm causing problems for drivers in the midwest. a transit bus fishtailed, crashed in a pole. this is in kansas city, missouri. took the pole out. the roads were so icy in the area, the region's transit system was temporarily shut down for reasons like this. the buses are operating again this morning. >> good time to stay home. the storm also brought impressive lightning
what happens. >>> facebook and google teaming up to help you live a little longer. >> they are giving millions of dollars to scientists who are working on cures for diseases and extending life. >> i think that our society needs more heroes who are scientists and researchers and engineers. and you guys are doing all the amazing work. and the thing that we can do from the sidelines is build institutions that celebrate and reward and recognize all of the real work that you guys are doing. >> other sponsors include google cofounder sergey brin and apple's art levinson. so far the group has raised over $30 million for what is called the breakthrough prize. >>> a michigan woman wants to be honest about her age but facebook just won't let her. and her name is marguerite. there she is. she is legally blind. she is 104 years old. but she has a facebook account. why not? every day her granddaughter updates the facebook account for her except she cannot update her grandmother's age. >> i would like it say she is 104 on facebook and april 1
back. google stock goes where it's never gone before. the milestone for the bay area >>> new at 6:00 tonight, google stock goes where it has never gone before. the milestone for the bay area tech giant and how the company's strategy has paid off big time. that story and much more coming up at 6:00. >> well, thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado terror. >> they don't teach us in the academy how to protect your family when there's >> they don't teach us in the academy how to protect your family when there's a maniac that wants to kill your children. >> pelley: for the first time, l.a. police officers targeted by christopher dorner tell their stories. john miller has the interviews. what drove the newtown shooter to kill? bob orr has the latest clues. as his girlfriend is laid to runner oscar pistorius tells the court he can't imagine why he's been charged with her murder. emma hurd was in the courtroom. and women revolt
. in the newsroom, elissa harrington, kpix 5. >>> historic day for google. stock in the internet search engine is trading above $800 for the very first time ever. slow climb to 800 though. google topped 700 over five years ago. but now it's going strong. overall, stocks are higher today too after the long president's day weekend. up nearly 50 points on this tuesday. >>> a big announcement today in the mission rock development along san francisco's waterfront. the san francisco giants say they have secured their first tenant for the almost $2 billion project. kpix 5's cate caugiran is in san francisco today to tell us who is looking to move in. so who is it, cate? >> reporter: well, let me tell you, it is anchor brewing company, the maker of the beloved anchor steam beer is going to be making pier 48 its new home making the local favorite a new tenant for the giants project. the giants plan is to put the $1.6 billion project across from mccovey cove and at&t park, it's also known as the mission rock development. it's a tourist draw with a restaurant and muse
consecutive quarters compared to the previous year. >>> the dirty past is coming back at google's complex at mountain view. the problem has roots to the 1970s when companies used cancer-causing chemicals to make computer chips and dumped thousands of gallons of the toxic solvent tce into the ground. a recent construction project let toxic vapors into two of google's buildings. >> there have to be repairs to the foundation and that's how vapors may have created to potentially migrate into the building. >> the epa says it takes decades of exposure to tce to cause any problems. >>> a prime piece of peninsula real estate is up for sale but it comes with a catch. the owner gets to stay. the $100 million property sits on 46 acres in hillsborough above san mateo creek and south of crystal springs road. take a look. the 16,000-square-foot mediterranean style mansion is owned by 76-year-old christian [ indiscernible ] the fourth. he was born and raised in the home and wants to stay until he dies. at least one realtor thinks that there will be interest. >> a ty
. >>> google is going to sell its new internet glasses to contest winners. the company says google glass works like a smartphone but the eyewear responds to voice commands. contestants have to tell goingle what they would do if they had their own pair of google glasses in 50 words or less and a 15-second video, as well. winners still have to pay $1,500 if they win. i guess to get the glasses. >> i guess so, yeah. >> kind of a catch. >>> time now is 5:51. check your kitchen. the popular cereal that may have pieces of glass inside. >> this money didn't belong to us. >> and a valentine's day they will never forget. how a bay area couple's romantic stroll turned into a true test of honesty. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. lysol believes no toilet is complete, until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner gives you maximum coverage from the rim down to the water line to kill 99.9% of germs. and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you want to do the whole job, lysol's got you cov
is considered to be oversaturated with alcohol licenses. >>> google stock reaches a new milestone. let's check the latest numbers with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. well over 800. >> that's right. >> reporter: google topping $800 for the first time yesterday. stock is really on a tear over the past six months. gaining $200. you can chalk it up to android becoming the dominating system for mobile devices overseas and google dominating and searching's display advertising. stocks starting today at just under $807. getting looks at the u.s. economy this morning. new home construction fell to 890,000. however a lot of it came on a drop in apartment construction. single family homes were up slightly and a sign of future activity, building per mitts up 2% from the year -- permits up 2% from the year earlier. >>> the labor department reports the wholesale side of the producer price index was up two-tenths of a percent although it was the first increase since september. you can blame food prices for that. they were up by 7/10ths of a percen
is coming to light at google's complex in mountain view with roots in the 1970s when companies used cancer-causing chemicals to make can he chips and dumped -- computer chips and dumped thousands of gallons of the toxic solvent tce into the ground. a recent construction project let toxic vapors into two google buildings. >> there has to be repairs to the slab foundation and that's how vapors may have been created to potentially migrate into the building. >> the epa says it takes decades of exposure to tce to cause problems. google says it's taking steps to protect its workers. >>> 6:41. not just a hefty price tag. the very unusual catch coming with $100 million bay area mansion. >> plus, slipping and sliding in the midwest. what happens when a bus loses control on icy roads. >> the market opened up 10 minutes ago on this friday. let's check the early numbers. out of the gate in a big way on this final day of trading this week. we're going to check in with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks right after the break. lysol believes no toil
angels every year. >>> a plan to build new hangars for google's private jets hit a snag. city leaders will meet to talk about the project this week. one of the companies who's bid was rejected for the contract is already objecting. it claims they can create even more revenue than the $3 million projected by the winning bidder. >>> churches around the bay area served as a backdrop this sunday for a different sermon. csu officials showed up to preach about the benefits of a college education. the annual event hosted by the african-american initiative is aimed at getting young people on the path to college before their futures are derailed by poverty and unemployment. >>> well, the san francisco police department is catching more crooks, thanks to you. kpix-5 shows us how technology is connecting investigators with the public. >> there is our suspect back there. >> reporter: it all started with this cell phone video, rowdy crowds torching a muni bus after the giants won the world series. sanfrancisco police posted the video to their web site un
billion funding again through fare and parking fee hikes. >>> a plan to build new hangars for googles private jets are getting complicated. city leaders will meet on it. one of the companies rejected is crying foul. it claims they can create more revenue than the $3 million projected by the winning bidder. >>> and a day of remembrance. it is the wartime exkhaougz of japanese americans from the west coast and their encarseration in internment camps. this day of remembrance was in memory of inea. >>> it is super sunday. nothing to do with football. we have more on the special sermon at local churches aimed to getting teenagers to go to college. >> reporter: at alan temple, california state university is reaching out to african- american kids. before the streets get them. >> consider going to college. >> i decided i would like to further my education. >> reporter: according to the center for educational statistics young, african- american men, don't go to college as much as white, asian and hispanic counterparts. csu wants to change that. >> colhrep
. google shareholders have some big smiles on their faces today. for the first time, the company's stock meet history when it topped $800 yesterday. the milestone came more than 5 years after google shares initially crossed $700. bp will not have to pay penalties for all of the more than 200 million gallons of oil that spilled into the gulf of mexico back in 2010. the u.s. government agreed not to fine bp for 34 million gallons the company captured before entering the gulf. fines for all the rest of the oil will be in the billions. back to you. >> erica, i like tole not latest fashion but i don't know about the postal service getting into the business. >> reporter: the postal service is putting its stamp on a clothing line. it's called rain, heat and snow. it will include accessories and this is not the first time the post office has gone into the fashion business. in the 1980s it sold neckties and t-shirts with images of postage stamps on them. i guess they are hoping to generate some income there. >> i'm thinking the blue shirt, shorts might
into google. tonight how toxic trouble is spreading to a crowded bay area neighborhood. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. >>> thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> and remember, the latest news and weather are always on >> great weather for the weekend. >> not bad. >> enjoy it. >> i've seen worse. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, now lance armstrong has the federal government on his tail. bob orr on the justice department suing the disgraced cyclist for fraud. a judge decides whether oscar pistorius can go free on bail. emma hurd was in the courtroom with the olympian charged with murder. the washington budget crisis murder. the washington budget crisis threatens essential government services. >> it would be an economic disaster and there would be no winners. >> pelley: ben tracy in los angeles and steve hartman "on the road" with the incredible act of kindness that brought a mother to tears. >> i think i'll cry about it for the rest of my life. captionin
. a battle is brewing in san jose over who will get to build the hangars for google's private jets. the city has chosen and approved a proposal that would generate at least $3 million a year for the airport, but a company whose bid was not accepted is appealing that decision saying its proposal would generate even more money. the city's council airport competitive committee will take up the matter this coming friday. >>> major changes are coming to oak lld's first friday -- oakland's first friday festival. a teenager was killed and three others injured at last month's event. leaders are responding by banning drinking on the streets. more than 10,000 people attend the celebrations in oakland's uptown district. some have complained the event is getting too big and poses a big security risk. >>> today's super sunday is reaching out to potential college students at bay area churches this morning. this is anage tradition where representatives from cal state campuses talk to communities about the faith and the importance of earning a college degree.
242. >>> if you have google stock in your portfolio it's over $800 per share. first time it's ever done that. moreon that at noon. >> you can also go on our website to keep updated on that, >>> thanks for watching kpix 5 this morning. your next local update is 7:25. >> but stay with us. "cbs this morning" is coming up next. and in the meantime, bundle up and stay out of the rain if you can. have a great day. captions by: caption colorado captioning by cbs >>> good morning to our viewers in the west. it is february 19th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." the lapd couple marked for death by christopher dorner comes out of hiding. they've only shared their story with john miller and cbs news learns what may have set off the gunman in the sandy hook school massacre. >>> the president goes on the defensive to stop the spending cuts in the next few days. >>> and we're here with more with new developments in the oscar pistorius. >> we begin with today's "eye opener" your world in 90 seconds. >> his mentality would be
that stole the spotlight. >> you can just google and see the images that pop up. she's got several mug shots. >> reporter: on top of stints in and out of jail and rehab, the singer was plagued by a long list of other problems. eight years ago, billy mcknight, the father of her oldest son, was charged with attempting to kill her. in 2008 she made headlines again over a rumored affair with baseball pitching legend roger clemens that reportedly started in her teens. two years later, on cbs news she addressed reports that she had tried to commit suicide twice before. >> i was never in a state in which i was conscious and with it and said oh i want to die. >> reporter: sunday afternoon authorities found mccready's body on the porch of her arkansas home, dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. her death comes just weeks after david wilson, the singer's boyfriend and father of her 10-month-old son, was believed to have killed himself. >> he didn't just touch my heart. he touched my soul. he was my soul mate.ccready, wilson's body was found on the same po
the latest high-tech craze. >> the new google glasses that allow you to snap photos with a blink of an eye. >>> this guy after being rescued from an avalanche couldn't help but smile. >> the new official white house portrait of first lady michelle obama. >> if we could put eye lashes on you you'd look so sexy. >> it feels so right to me. >> a former senator now admitting he had a secret love child with the daughter of another former senator. >> when did the senate become "the jerry springer show." >> on "cbs this morning." >> a woman called 911 and because she ran out of cigarettes. >> hello? >> hello, i need some cigarettes. >> you don't see me calling 911 because i run out of jokes do you? not anymore, anyway. >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." dangerous storm is threatening more than 30 million people in the midwest. it could be the worst weather to hit the region in two years, already there are near whiteout conditions in colorado one of 18 states under a winter storm warning or advisory. >>> people in kansas are being urged to stay off the roads. state offices have
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)